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Throughout the COVID-19 public health emergency, the Division of Behavioral Health (DBH) will provide additional guidance and resources for behavioral health providers, patients, and families. This webpage will serve as our communications hub and will contain all COVID-19 related information from DBH.

DBH is open for business and will remain open. We continue to serve Idahoans in need and support behavioral health providers.

The division has created a Provider Resource Guide to help you find Idaho, national, and state region-specific information during this difficult time, and the Behavioral Health Newsletter contains a lot of helpful information. Additional information and resources are listed under What You Need to Know.

Contact us by emailing or calling 1-833-644-8296. We’re here to help.


Behavioral Health Resources

What You Need to Know

Identifying Behavioral Health Distress

Disaster situations and traumatic events can overwhelm our ability to cope. Often people experience anxiety, fear, helplessness, and hopelessness. Some of the signs of distress are listed below:

  • Eating or sleeping too much or too little.
  • Pulling away from people and things.
  • Having low or no energy.
  • Having unexplained aches and pains, such as constant stomachaches or headaches.
  • Feeling helpless or hopeless.
  • Excessive smoking, drinking, or using drugs, including prescription medications.
  • Worrying a lot of the time or feeling guilty but not sure why.
  • Thinking of hurting or killing yourself or someone else.
  • Having difficulty readjusting to home or work life.

Getting Help

If you feel like you or someone you know is experiencing distress, there are numerous ways to get help.

Idaho Hotlines

  • 988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline — Text or call 9-8-8. Help is available 24-7.
  • Veterans: Dial 9-8-8, then press 1.

National Hotlines

  • Crisis Text Line — Text HOME to 741741
    Anonymous texting service is available 24/7. Starting a conversation is easy.
  • SAMHSA Disaster Distress Hotline1-800-985-5990
    Provides 24/7 crisis counseling and support to people experiencing emotional distress related to natural or human-caused disasters.
  • Domestic Violence Hotline1-800-799-SAFE (7233)
    Advocates are available 24/7 to talk to anyone who is experiencing domestic violence, looking for information, or questioning unhealthy aspects of their relationship.
  • National Suicide Prevention Lifeline1-800-273-TALK (8255)
    If your life or someone else’s is in imminent danger, please call 9-1-1. If you are in crisis and need immediate help, please call the number above.

Behavioral Health Resources for Consumers

Idaho COVID-19 Resource Guides — Division of Behavioral Health

National COVID-19 Resource Guides

Resources and information for self-care and coping


Behavioral Health Resources and Information for Teachers, Parents, and Educators

Behavioral Health Resources for Providers

Provider COVID-19 Resources and Guidance

Communications and Plans from the Division of Behavioral Health

Laws, Rules, Ethics, and Other Information

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