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Weekly School Data Report

  • NOTE: The State Department of Education is open for business; however, some staff members continue working remotely. Staff working remotely are still available to support you. If you need our assistance, please call (208) 332-6800.

Schools can play an important role in efforts taken by health officials to prevent the introduction and spread of coronavirus.

The U.S. Department of Education and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) have encouraged state and local education agencies to share crucial information about the disease and its potential transmission to students, families, staff and community members.

Should state and local health officials deem it necessary to take additional steps to stop the spread of COVID-19, schools are in a unique position to help.

Idaho Back to School Framework – July 2020

Idaho School District Reopening Status – Updated Daily

Idaho COVID-19 Mask Guidance for Schools – Oct. 9, 2020

Online Education Resources

More Idaho schools are seeking to deliver classes and content online during the coronavirus emergency, and families also have numerous resources available to them.

The principal at iSucceed Virtual High School, Clayton Trehal, has developed a quick-start guide to help traditional brick and mortar schools who are using Google Suites quickly create rudimentary online schools.

Idaho’s school districts and charter schools, during one of Superintendent Ybarra’s weekly webinars, requested resources for evaluating teachers providing online instruction:

Parents & Students

The resources in this guide are intended to help parents, guardians, and families understand how schools and the state education system are responding to the expanding coronavirus outbreak.

The CDC has published an Operational Strategy for K-12 Schools through Phased Prevention and recommends schools continue to use the current COVID-19 prevention strategies for the 2020-2021 school year.

Public School Finance

Idaho State Department of Education Guidance: Our focus is to provide schools with maximum flexibility for schools facing potential school closures or reduced attendance due to potential or actual coronavirus exposure events, holding schools harmless financially for funding related impacts.  Waivers for the calculation of average daily attendance (ADA) in the event of school closures are available for school districts and charters as provided by Idaho Code 33-1003A.  Waivers for instructional hours are provided by Idaho Code 33-512(h).

SDE Contact: Tim Hill, 208-332-6843, (visit the Idaho State Department of Education Public School Finance page)

Coronavirus-related Attendance Reporting/Hours of Learning

Idaho statute requires a minimum of four (4) hours of instruction per day for full funding. However, schools may apply for a waiver from the State Board of Education to adjust for lower than expected average daily attendance or if they do not meet the minimum instructional hours. 

School Boards

To safeguard the health of the public and their elected representatives, Gov. Brad Little has signed a proclamation allowing school boards and other governing bodies to hold public meetings during this state of emergency without having audience members physically present.

Special Education

SDE Contact: Charlie Silva, 208-332-6806, (visit the Idaho State Department of Education Special Education page)

SPED Directors Webinar Tuesday, April 7, 2020
SPED Directors Webinar Tuesday, March 24, 2020

The recordings of all COVID-19 SPED Director’s webinars can be found in the Webinars & Updates dropdown at the bottom of this page.

State Board of Education

State Board of Education Meeting on 5-04-2020

State Board of Education Meeting on 4-02-2020

  • The State Board of Education identified an inaccuracy in the higher education/K12 crosswalk document that was developed and published after TJ Bliss’ presentation to the Board on this topic on April 2. The document did not accurately represent the action the Board took regarding the College Entrance Exam graduation requirement. The document has been updated, with the change highlighted. You can review the updated document on the Board’s website.

State Board of Education Meeting on 3-23-2020

Student Data

Maintaining student privacy is always the top priority in collecting and sharing data, and the coronavirus pandemic raises additional considerations.

Webinars & Updates

Superintendent Ybarra

Questions and answers from Superintendent Ybarra’s webinars are compiled in this document, FAQ for Schools – Assessment, Child Nutrition, Employee Compensation, Instructional Hours, Online Education, School Closures, etc.

Child Nutrition Programs

Federal Programs

Public School Finance

Special Education

State Board of Education

Student Transportation

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